Barcelona Anarchist Bookfair aims to be a space from which we can approach to editorial novelties, publications and texts that act as a motor for rebel ideas. The anarchist book, in its widest conception, goes beyond its theoretical condition and forms an alliance with practice through criticism, self-criticism, analysis, reflection, debate and memory.

For the Bookfair's 9th Edition we abandon the downtown, saturated of tourists, hotels, police and shops, and move to Sant Andreu neighbourhood. However Sant Andreu is not free from the dictates of this showcase city. Lately it's been affected by the pressure campaign, headed by the City Council, destinated to stop the activities of social centers. We've chosen to continue using both these spaces and the streets. They are ours.

* All presentations will be in Spanish or Catalan. We can't guarantee translations but if you need them, ask us and we'll try to put you in contact with someone who can help you.


If you have a distro and want to reserve a table for the weekend, or if you just want to get in touch, write to:
llibreanarquista (a)